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Annual Breed Seminar

You are all invited to attend the annual Breed Seminar held in conjunction with the Awards Weekend this year.

Did you want to learn about different Breeds? 

Do you have any thoughts about maybe one day joining the Judges program?

Do you just want to sit, have a snack with your friends and learn about kitties?

Then come on out to our Breed Seminar.

There is a small $10 fee for non-Judges to be paid to Kim Monkhouse upon your arrival.

All are welcome.

June 23,2018 Quinte Curling Club, 246 Bridge St. West Belleville, ON

Breed Seminar 1:30pm-4pm

$10/person to attend

Breeds being presented: Norwegian Forest Cat Burmese Russian Blue 

Quinte Cat Club Show - June 24th

In conjunction with the National Awards weekend, Quinte Cat Club is hosting a one day show.

There will be 4 all breed pedigreed rings, 2 bonus rings and 1 specialty ring. Pedigreed cats have a chance of 7 finals!

Household pets will be judged in the all breed rings as well as by each Specialty judge!  That's a possible 6 finals!

Don't miss out - enter today!  Flyer is available here.

Quinte is also lucky to have Julie Tames on their side!  She will be offering freshly baked goods to take home or devour at the show.  Her apple pies are what dreams of made of and her banana bread is a wonderful way to start any day.  Order now using this form.


Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit Feature DVD ***Limited Time Only!

You asked for it – now here’s your VERY LIMITED TIME chance to get it. The DVD of Catwalk is available for purchase until June 21st for the price of $25 (plus HST).

Please Note: DVD's are only available for pick up (in person) for those attending the CCA Banquet in Belleville, Ontario on June 23rd. There is NO SHIPPING available.

Place your order at…. Catwalk DVDs

Catwalk: Tales From the Cat Show Circuit follows a competitive season in the lives of two top cat fanciers, Shirley and Kim, and their prize-winning felines: OhLaLa - the regal Red Persian, and Bobby, the rambunctious white Turkish Angora.

For the first time ever, the theatrical, feature length version (75 minutes) is available on DVD.

Featuring: Bob and Elaine Gleason, Sabrina Rehman, Sharon Soules, Kim Langille, Shirley McCollow and other CCA members. Join them in this raucous journey to the heart of one of the animal world’s most colourful (and fun) sub-cultures – competitive cat showing.


The CCA National Awards Weekend Extravaganza will be held June 23 & 24 in Belleville, Ontario.

Please click the link for Banquet Invitation and Banquet Menu

2018 National Awards Banquet Invitation

2018 National Awards Banquet Menu

Sunday will be a one day show from Quinte Cat Club (click for flyer) and you can pre-order delicious baked goods as well!!!  Please send this completed form to Julie Tames, chef extraordinaire!!!

Duplicate or additional awards will be available at your local Regional Awards.

Please note the following deadlines for photo submissions

Please consider this when submitting photos:

  • Photos for regional awards will be edited to a round head shot where possible.
  • Photos for Optional Wall Plaques or Cage Plates will be edited to a square.
  • Photos will be sized up to 4 inches square. Please ensure that your submission will be suitable for this size. Most smart phones can take photos that will print well at this size.
  • All photos must be submitted in JPEG format and not have watermarks across the photo

Photos will be used for your award as well as the CCA website that will begin to highlight National AND Regional winners this year!  If you wish to order duplicate or alternate awards, please use this form.  And there are a lot of honorary awards available as well - is your cat eligible?  Check here.  Photos of the trophies and plaques you can order are here.

Each region has chosen to hold their regional awards in conjunction with a cat show so please note the following

  • Region 1: CNE, August 25 & 26 weekend
  • Region 2: Brossard, September 8 & 9 weekend
  • Region 3: CatFest, July 8 at 8:30am – Museum of Natural History Auditorium, Halifax, NS

Additional Awards that can be Claimed

Additional Awards That are Available to Win and Claim

By Jo Anne Lynch

International Grand Champion/Premier/Companion

If you cat has attained a Grand Championship status in two different countries you are entitled to claim this award. The form is available at International Titles Claim Forms

Double Crown and Triple Crown

For pedigreed cats, a Double Crown must be a National Winner in two classes e.g. Kitten and Championship; a Triple Crown must be a National Winner in all three classes e.g. Kitten, Championship and Premiership For Household Pets, to qualify for Double Crown you must be a National Winner for two years, but not necessarily consecutive. For a Triple Crown win you must be a National Winner for three years. The form to claim all is available at Double and Triple Crown Claim Form

Master Grand Champion/Premier/Companion and Supreme Master Grand Champion/Premier/Companion will automatically be awarded. Please note that a photo is required for the medallion award.

Grand Champion/Premier/Companion of Distinction Grands

The cat will have won 30 Finals, once it has achieved Grand status, in three separate show years, not necessarily consecutive. The form is available at Grand of Distinction Form

Elite Merit

This is an award that is available to claim for a Dam who produces three grand champions/premiers or a Sire who produces eight grand champions/premiers A claim must be sent to the office with copies of the offspring that became grands.

Photos of duplicate awards as well as the photo requirements for each award are  at this link

Please note that acrylic awards may be of a different style if suppliers no longer have the pictured style available.

Jo Anne Lynch

National Awards Chair Award 

2018 Jerry Miller Award Nominations

By Dre. Louise Lalibert

Once again it is time to submit nominations for the prestigious Jerry Miller Award. Below you will find a brief description of the award, and the list of previous recipients from past years. The recipient for 2017/18 will be chosen by the Jerry Miller Awards Committee, chaired by Eleanor MacDonald, assisted by three precious recipients and will be presented to the winner at the 2017/18 National Awards Banquet..

Please submit your nomination, along with a detailed letter indicating why your nominee is deserving of this award to Eleanor MacDonald at immediately.

The Jerry-Miller Award The Jerry Miller Award has been created to honour outstanding services to the Canadian Cat Association as well as to a CCA clubs.

Jerry Miller passed away on May 16 1994, in the middle of his second year of his president mandate. The award was created by the CCA Board of director following year. Jerry Miller made an outstanding contribution to the CCA that he served with distinction as President, Treasurer and long time Director, as well as being a founding member of the Motor City Cat Club. This award honours a member of the CCA in his name and his memory.


PRIX JERRY- MILLER 2018 : Appel de candidatures

Voici le temps venu pour soumettre les noms de candidats pour le prestigieux prix Jerry- Miller Award. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une brève description du prix ainsi que la liste des récipiendaires au cours des années. Le ou la récipiendaire du prix 2018 sera choisi(e) par le Comité Prix Jerry-Miller présidé par Eleanor MacDonald, assistée de trois récipiendaires passés et le prix sera présenté au récipiendaire lors du Banquet en l’honneur des meilleurs chats canadiens 2017-2018, dont la date et le lieu restent à déterminer.

Veuillez SVP soumettre votre mise en candidature, accompagnée d’un texte présentant votre candidat ou candidate en expliquant pourquoi il ou elle mérite le prix, à Eleanor MacDonald `à maintenant.

Prix Jerry-Miller Le prix Jerry-Miller a été créé afin de souligner des services exemplaires rendus à l’Association féline canadienne et à ses clubs affiliés.

Jerry Miller est décédé le 16 mai 1994, au milieu de son deuxième mandat comme président de l’AFC. Le prix a été créé l’année suivante. Jerry a grandement contribué à l’AFC qu’il a servie à titre de président, trésorier et directeur pendant de nombreuses années, en plus d’avoir été un membre fondateur du Club Motor City Cat Club. Le prix Jerry-Miller honore un membre de l’AFC en son nom et à sa mémoire.


1995 : George Louch

1996 : Roger Boisselle

1997 : Madge and Bill Turner

1998 : Nicole Menweg

1999: Elaine and Bob Gleason

2000: Louise Laliberté

2001: Margaret Gadouas


2003 Gail & Tony Sellers

2004: Terry Farrell

2005: Eleanor MacDonald

2006: JoAnne & Jeff McGowan

2007: Claire Lamontagne

2008: Jean Morphee Barnard

2009: Maureen Needham

2010: JoAnne Prima

2011: Janet Baranik

2012: Leslie & Mike Chapman

2013 : Monique Beaudet

2014 : Ellie Smith Leighton

2015 : John Simon Smith

2016 : JoAnne Lynch

2017 : Jan Coburn & Linda Raines