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My cat's colour changed!

By Janice Fritz


There are a couple of scenerios which a colour change can happen, but the most common is at a cat show.  You could be at a show and a judge calls you up to the podium for a chat about your cat's colour or pattern.  You may disagree.  The judge will pull out a form to change the colour.  You do not have to sign this.  Do not feel pressured.  But if you do, you have to follow through with it.

If the cat is in the championship or premiership class and has already received awards or titles in the wrong colour class OR has been incorrectly registered using a colour name from another association that isn't used in the CCA (e.g. Torbie), then the owner can transfer the cat to the correct colour class without losing the previous wins or titles.

It is the OWNER'S responsibility to follow through with the CCA office to complete the colour change.

Each cat is allowed ONE colour transfer without penalty.  

HOWEVER, after that.... hang on...if another colour change is made on the same cat, then the cat is required to compete as a OPEN again in the new colour and re-earn any titles!!  So make sure about that colour early on.

By the way, no wins or titles can be claimed until the colour change has been made officially to the show's Master Clerk and following the show with the CCA office.  And National Point scorers will cease to report the national score of cats with colour changes until they have been given the new registration # for the cat.

So the things to do if your cat's colour has changed:

1. Contact with the change and send the appropriate fee (depending on your membership status).

2. Let the national scorers know of your cat's new registration #.  Please provide your cat's name and registration #.