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RPNS, LONS, May 15th, Does my cat need a registration # to enter a cat show?

By Janice Fritz

 So, you want to enter your cat in a show.  You have some options. 

1. Register your cat! 

If you purchased your cat from a breeder you should have received a registration slip from some association.  Hopefully, one for the CCA-AFC.  If so, then you simply need to fill in the back of that and send it to the CCA office.  TIP: you can scan in both sides of the slip and email it to the office at and send the payment via paypal or e-transfer to the same address.

If you only have a slip from another association, then you can 'register via pedigree'.  Email to see if a) your cat's breed is accepted in the CCA , b) the colour is accepted and c) how many generations are required on the pedigree.  You will first have to register your cat with the other association and request a pedigree with the required number of generations.  Be prepared!!!  This usually can take several months to complete.  In the meantime what do you do if you want to enter your cat in a CCA show?  Get a RPN number.


2. RPN - Registration Pending Number

RPNs are for cats that are in the process of being registered, but the paperwork just hasn't been completed.  They are not for the case where someone has decided that they want to enter a show and don't have any pedigree information for their cat.  They are for what the name says "REGISTRATION PENDING"!

A Registration Pending number must be obtained before the show by contacting  The cost is $22 for Members and $44 for Non-Members

RPNS are good for 30 days, but after that 30 days the cat can only be shown with a valid registration # unless there are exceptional reasons.  

National Points and points towards titles will be banked on RPN #s and carried forward when registration #s are provided.

3. LON - Listed Open Number

LONs are good for one weekend only.  Any titles can only be claimed once the cat is registered.  So if you've entered a show with a LON (or a RPN), you can not claim a PR or CH title that weekend!

A Listed Open number must be obtained before the show by contacting  The cost is $11 for Members and $22 for Non-Members

National Points will be banked on LON #s and carried forward when registration #s are provided.

4. Litter Number

So, you are a breeder and you have this awesome kitten you bred that you want to show.  You can register the litter for $17 ($34 non members) and enter the cat with the litter number.   You can show the kitten until it is 8 months old with just the litter number and then you have until May 15th of that show season to register the kitten in order to be eligible for an award!


5. No Number

If you just want to bring your kitten out to a show for the club awards (best of the best), then you can enter it with no registration number, LON, RPN, or Litter number.  However, your kitten will not be awarded any national points for this show nor will  points will be banked should you register your kitten at a later date. Champions and Alters CAN NOT be shown without a number.

May 15th

All champions and premiers must have a registration number in order to get an award.  A RPN is only good for 30 days. It is true that a Champion or Premier could have an RPN or LON and have points, but they wouldn't have enough to get an award.

Kittens however are a different case.  They can only be on the scene for a couple of shows and get a national award.  It is entirely possible that a kitten have only an RPN or a Litter number and have gathered enough points to get a national award.  However, all cats must be registered in order to receive an national award.  So owners have until May 15th (15 days after the end of the show season) to get their cat registered.  Otherwise, they are forfeiting their award.


National Points

Just to be clear.... to earn national points, your cat needs to either have:

1. Registration #

2. RPN

3. LON

4. Litter# (for kittens only)