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CCA’s newest partner…. Petsecure/Breedsecure

By Carolyn Campbell


Petsecure takes the worry out of vet visits, and for 6 weeks provides your new kitten owners with complimentary accident and illness protection. They cover up to 80% of the unexpected vet bills up to $500 (less a $100 deductible per incident). This includes any diagnostics, x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, medicine, exam fees and even the taxes. Coverage begins 48 hours after the trial is activated.

 The little bit of extra security provides the new family with peace of mind knowing that their kitten is covered, and the program is no cost to breeders or the new owner. For more information on the program you can contact a Breedsecure representative by email at or contact Brittany directly by phone at 1-800-431-3132 ext 66354 and she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 Brittany is one of the representatives for the Breedsecure program at Petsecure Pet Health Insurance. She has been with Petsecure in Winnipeg for almost 3 years, originally as an Insurance Advisor. As the representative of the Breedsecure program, Brittany works closely with breeders by building relationships and educating them on the importance of pet insurance.